Instagram, Facebook or other Social Platform

1. How to join social partner program ?

  • Step 1: Customers will share public any our products on their personal page ( Facebook, Instagram…) a status including photos, link with our products and share your feelings.

  • Step 2: Contact us by email ( or leave a live chat message on our website to our support team to receive the confirmation about your participating in this program. Our support team will contact to you for your present.

2. Reward ( Apply within 7 days from the date the product is shared ):

  • Any public post that shares our products will receive a 5% discount code.
  • Get FREE 1 ITEM when your post reaches 200 likes or 50 shares  (for products under $30).
  • Get discount code 50% OFF when your post reaches 100 likes or 20 shares.
  • Get discount code 20% OFF when your post reaches 50 likes or 10 shares.
  • Get discount code 10% OFF when your post reaches 20 likes.